Yoni Steams

Ancient Healing for the female body.

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Get a First-time Yoni Steam with Mini Consult for $75 (normally $100)
Steam with a Friend for $140 (normally $200).


Yoni Defined

The word Yoni is the Sanskrit word for female genitals.

It translates to mean,

“Source of all life”


“Sacred space”

History of Yoni Steams

Yoni Steams (also know as Vaginal or V-Steams) steams are an ancient ritual used for thousands of years by indigenous populations.

They are currently used all over the world, but have not been popular until recently in the U.S.

The sacred steams use healing herbs for maintenance and healing of female concerns.

Benefits of Yoni Steams

Anyone with a vagina can benefit from yoni steaming. 

The volatile oils in the herbs provide nourishing benefits.

Steams are particularly helpful for:

Menstrual discomforts

Increasing fertility

Reducing inflammation in fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, and hemorrhoids

Chronic vaginal infections and urinary tract infections

Speeding the healing of vaginal tears and episiotomies

Increasing sex drive

Helping women feel more “juicy” for sex

Allowing all women to feel more connected to the root and sacral chakra areas, increasing personal power

When to Steam

If you have a menstrual cycle, steaming is best done at ovulation as well as right before the menses.

During ovulation, the mucosa is ripe and ready to receive the healing. Steaming before menstrual bleeding begins can help the menstrual period move more smoothly and ease menstrual symptoms.

Those without a menstrual cycle can steam anytime or work with the lunar cycles and steam on the new and full moons.

Steaming also increases general body awareness and personal connection.

What to Expect

First Steam:

Your first steam will include a consultation with Jen Owen, N.P.

She will review your history and your goals for steaming to custom-blend the best herbal blend for your steam.

Follow-up Steams:

Once your blend has been determined at your first steam, you’re set to come in and steam regularly.

All Steams:

While listening to the relaxing music of your choice, you’ll sit comfortably over the steam bowl for 20-25 minutes.

The steam from the hot water poured over your herbal blend will enter your yoni and provide the benefits.

Steam With a Friend:

If you’d like to share the experience with a friend, that can be accommodated.

Please contact me to schedule.

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