I love fall. It’s the time when we get to start turning inward. I always find it interesting how that seems to just naturally happen.


It’s a great time for reflecting on the life you’re living and for asking if it’s feeling right to you.


Sometimes we have to make some hard choices about our lives that don’t necessarily align with those around us.


Do you eat what you eat because it’s what others in your family want to eat?

Do you drink alcohol because it’s how you share special time with your loved ones, but you don’t really want it?

Do you skip your exercise regimen in order to do what someone else wants to do?

Do you stay in a job because of “security” or because you “have to”?


How often do you do want YOU really want to do?


I know it’s even harder in times like these. If you have kids, you have kids ALL the time. If you drink alcohol, the culture says to drink more. If you had an exercise plan, it’s been disrupted.


You get the idea.


Now, more than ever, we need to get clear about what we really want, and then allow it for ourselves.


Take some time and ask yourself:

~Am I eating how I want to eat?

~Am I spending my time how I want to spend it (besides homeschooling—sorry Moms!)

~Am I prioritizing my care of my own body?

~And…what else?


It’s okay to want what we want. It’s okay to set some priorities and then stick with them.


What more is possible for you?


Will you let yourself make it known and let yourself have it?



I’d love to hear what comes up for you.


Post your comments below and if you’re feeling really stuck, come on in and let’s get a plan formed together! I’ll help you find what’s already there.


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