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Start & Grow Your Practice with Jen Owen, N.P. 

Are you a Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist or Certified Nurse-Midwife exploring how to start or grow your own Integrative Medicine Nurse Practitioner-owned practice?

  • Have you wondered how you could have more time with your clients to provide quality care?
  • Would you like to add new integrative modalities to your services and offerings?
  • Would you like to have more flexibility with your time and schedule for education, family and self-care?
  • Would you like to feel more valued in your work and fulfilled as a healthcare practitioner?


I help APRNs just like you start and grow integrative practices using holistic and functional medicine fundamentals. 

Working with me, you’ll discover the tools needed to begin building the practice they’ve dreamed of — a business that can sustain you, and that you can be proud of. 


Let’s Envision the Possibilities Together

Let’s envision the possibilities together.

Once you shift your beliefs about what’s possible, you become more open to opportunities and you’ll be able to:

  • Current License: Practice under your current license, using whatever treatment modalities resonate with your practice
  • Education : Expand your own education and resources without spending tens of thousands of dollars, and grow the possibilities for how you’ll care for your clients and build your practice
  • Metrics:  Feel valued for the work that you do everyday, and not driven by insurance metrics.
  • Client’s Health: See perceptible shifts in your clients health and experience, by doing the work you envisioned when becoming a Nurse Practitioner, and truly help your clients get well
  • Fulfillment: Get to practice the way you wanted to practice when you went into nursing in the first place.

What if you could open the doors to your own practice today, enjoy a steady flow of new and repeat clientele, spend your days developing meaningful client care relationships, focus on the holistic health practices you believe in, and not have to sacrifice your financial security or waste years of your life on additional training?


And what if I said you could transform this pipe dream into a reality in just 90 days?


Hi, I’m Jen Owen, a Nurse Practitioner with 28 years of natural medicine experience…and I know it’s possible because I’ve successfully launched two integrative clinics using the exact system I teach in my 90-Day Practice course.

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