with Jen Owen, N.P.

What if you could wake up every day excited to start the day, ready to face whatever challenges await you, and know completely that you can handle whatever comes your way?


And what if I said you could transform how you feel about yourself and your life in just 8 weeks?


Hi, I’m Jen Owen, a Nurse Practitioner and Mindset Coach with 28 years of experience…and I know it’s possible because I’ve successfully shifted my own mindset about life and the mindset of thousands of patients throughout my career.

are you…

Feeling stuck, like you can’t seem to get ahead?

You want to reach the goals you set for yourself and make the changes you know would make a big difference in your life.

Overwhelmed with trying to be “perfect”?

You want to move forward and not be held back by old standards you or others set for you in the past.

Unsure of how to stop leaning on others for support all the time?

You want to be more self-sufficient, be able to pick yourself back up when you get down, and stop putting strain on your relationships.

Wondering where the energy you used to have has gone?

You used to be able to get so many things done in a day and you long for the energy and excitement you had in the past.

Stressed at the thought of not knowing where to start to make the changes you want to make?

You’ve tried to make changes in the past only to go back to your normal way of doing things within a few days or weeks.


  • Make changes simply and easily one at a time, instead of trying to tackle everything at once.
  • Expand your breadth of knowledge quickly and affordably.
  • Feel excited for change instead of feeling dread or reluctance.
  • Create daily practices and rituals that you will actually do every day instead of burning out after a few days.
  • Learn, expand, and receive coaching in the comfort of your home
  • Finally experience the fulfillment in your life that you’ve always known was somewhere inside of you.


The FLOURISH Mindset Foundations Course 

My complete guide to creating a sustainable and rock-solid mindset in just 8 weeks.


In this course, you’ll learn the strategies I use myself and teach my own patients and coaching clients to shift their beliefs, change their habits, and actually reach the goals they set for themselves.


FLOURISH Mindset Foundations is designed to be doable, practical, and easy-to-learn and implement, while also being life-changing.


It’s the help and support you need to actual do the rituals and activities you read about, but don’t actually put into practice. 


Before I implemented the strategies I teach in this course, I was feeling stuck. 


I felt paralyzed by the mistakes and decisions I made in the past.


I was tired of focusing on what others were doing to and around me and was ready to take responsibility for my own health and happiness.


I didn’t think I had time to add things like meditation to my life. I used “too busy” as an excuse for not moving forward in my personal life and toward my biggest goals.


I felt a lack of belief in myself.
I kept trying to make changes only to fall right back into old patterns.


Wasn’t there a better way? Did it have to feel so hard?


I began asking for help and finding out about books and other resources about up-leveling your mindset.


I realized that a lot of people were struggling with similar issues and were getting the help they needed and wanted.


It was time to stop suffering and struggling and do something about it.


So I rolled up my sleeves, did my research, and enrolled in courses to learn how to develop, grow, and sustain a rock-solid mindset.


Then, I began coaching my patients and online clients how to do the same.


And a funny thing happened…


We all began to flourish, our stress levels improved, we were able to handle the obstacles life was throwing at us…and we started enjoying life on a different level.


Over the past 28 years, and especially the last 8, I’ve worked with 1000s of people just like you to help them shift their perspecitives, add practices to their lives that they were able to implement, and help them reach their goals instead of just wishing for them.

What’s Included in Mindset Foundations?


Each week, I’ll teach you a specific mindset tool that you’ll be able to add quickly and easily and all the tools will build upon each other. Modules are short and concise.



Once you’ve made it through your 8-week program, you’ll have access to the entirety of the course for life so you can always go back and review needed information. You’ll also have automatic access to any course updates I make as the mindset industry evolves.


What will I learn in each module?


Get clear your goals for this course and write affirmation statements that will help you get there. Learn the basics to set-up your mindset foundation.



Learn how to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/Tapping to reduce stress in your life and inflammation in your body, and help you manage tough times with more ease.


Learn how to add meditation without taking a lot of time, even if you’ve never had success meditating before. Understand how visualization can work for you.



Create a short journaling practice to bring you closer to your goals, even if you’re “not good at writing” or have never journaled before.



Learn what books to read to support your goals and how reading even a few minutes a day can enrich your life and save you money.



Experience what it’s like to add exercise into your life that works for you and not against you and how to make it fun and sustainable.



Implement simple and effective ways to forgive yourself for your past mistakes and others who have wronged you, so you can experience more freedom and relief in your life and well-being.



Learn how to live in the present moment, say no to things you don’t really want to do, and keep your energy clear for yourself and the things you want the most. 





Weekly group coaching calls with me to discuss specific obstacles and questions and to work through mindset blocks and challenges. You get to ask your questions and receive personalized coaching on 9 calls.


Email support Monday – Friday for time sensitive situations or challenges.

Curious how the Mindset tools taught in this course have helped others like you?

Here’s what Jen’s mindset coaching clients are saying:

I learned about being conscious of my mindset, mental barriers, and past psychological issues around my work that would possibly impact my mindset. This helped me solidify my mindset and address any mental blocks and fears, which I realized I was not paying attention to.

It gave me the perfect cheerleader to get to my goal. No one else could have filled this role for me. My family, friends and husband provide additional support and positivity, but it was not on a deeper level like Jen provides.

Jen has a positive attitude and is affirmative, encouraging, loving, and responsive. I can imagine her patients love her! She is also practical and knows how to work well with all types of people.

Milan Chavarkar

Nurse Practitioner

Making the commitment to follow the course, I’ve now developed some wonderful grounding habits. These have helped me to stay focused, as well as provide a sense of normalcy in an uncertain time. I find myself more calm and confident because of this class. Even if someone only adopts one of the techniques that this course offers, their lives will be better for it, and if you put the work into it, you’ll reap great rewards.

Esther S.

Jen is so positive and intuitive. She gives great feedback and motivation. She has the ability to bring out the best in others while holding them accountable.

She is amazing!

Donna Brock

Nurse Practitioner

Just like these incredible humans who said YES to investing in themselves, you have the chance today to take the next step toward creating the life you desire.

You don’t have to keep settling for a path that doesn’t align with you…

And you definitely don’t have to keep floundering trying to figure it out on your own.

If you want a reliable way to instill, grow, and sustain a mindset practice that lights you up inside and supports the life you most desire, the FLOURISH Mindset Foundations course is the complete guide you need to get you there quickly and affordably.

Looking for 1:1 Mindset Coaching?

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