I know, I know….we all know about self-care.

Yet, are we doing all the things we possibly can to care for ourselves?


Times are interesting right now to say the least. I find myself more tired than usual and I think it’s all the noise. Noise from the news, noise from the grumbling on social media, noise from the unexpected extra stress COVID has placed on my life.

Taking time for myself has become more important than ever.


Today, I’m simply listing every possible thing I can think of that we can all do to give ourselves a little respite.

Read through the list and see if you can find 1-2 you can add this week.


Self-Care Ideas:

~Take a long bath (bonus for adding salts or smells that help you relax and candles)

~Take a nap (even 20 minutes of lying down can make a big difference!)

~Sip a nice cup of herbal tea

~Get a massage

~Give yourself a massage

~Walk or even just stroll outside

~Deep breathing

~Do a jigsaw puzzle

~Read feel good fiction

~Watch a chick flick

~Do something artistic: paint, color, draw

~Take Facebook and Email off of your phone

~Play with your kids or pets (really play—be all in!)

~Listen to music

~Dance to that music

~Soak your feet in roses, lavender, or chamomile


~Journal your feelings or frustrations


~Sleep soundly (and get help if you’re not)

~Make yourself a smoothie or green juice and really enjoy it


What did I miss? What other ideas do you have?

Please comment below and share widely with any stressed out friends or family.


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