My Dad is literally a jack of all trades. In fact, we tease that DAD stands for “Do-it-All-David”. One of his skills is electricity. When I was a little girl, I was on the other end of wiring more times than I want to remember. For those of you who don’t know, all those light switches are attached to wires that were guided through small holes in the walls and attic spaces of your house. It’s not an easy or particularly fun process. Sorry…I digress.


Anyway. When electricity is added to a house, the MOST important part is the GROUNDING wire. The purpose of a ground wire is to give excess electrical charges a safe place to go. In a properly grounded electrical system, that excess electricity goes directly into the ground.  If home electricity is not properly grounded, the excess electricity can spark a fire or surge backward and harm your electronic devices and appliances.

We can think of our own body energy system in the same way. When we’re running around in our heads all the time, we become ungrounded. We become reactive to what’s happening around us, rather than being able to roll with things. Sparks start to fly like anger, frustration, and annoyance. If we’re not grounded, there’s no place for those energies to go except up and out or they stir inside of us causing us to feel exhausted and “burned out”.


Make sense?


Getting grounded isn’t hard to do.

Here’s how:

If you can be outside it’s even better, but anywhere will do.

  1. Stand or sit with your feet solidly on the ground (floor)
  2. Pretend you have roots like a giant tree coming out of your legs and feet
  3. See them large at the top and spindling smaller and going down deep into the ground
  4. Stand or sit and feel how it feels to be connected to the ground below you>
  5. If you’re feeling any “sparks” at the moment, you can send them down those roots and ground them.


I recommend doing a grounding exercise every morning before you start your day and any time during the day when you’re feeling “off”.


Try it for a few days and let me know how it goes. Post your comments below and be sure to share this article. If the whole world was more grounded, I think things we feel a whole lot differently, don’t you?

I did a Facebook Live this past week with a demonstration on how you can easily take a few minutes to get grounded any time. Check it out here. Be sure to like and follow the page so you’ll get reminded about my Lives every Wednesday at 12pm PST.


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