Primary Care

Healthcare with a focus on healing, wellness and vibrant living.

As a medically trained and nationally board-certified Adult Nurse Practitioner, Jen Owen offers primary care services that integrate all aspects of wellness.

She can perform your annual wellness exams, order all your lab testing, make sure you’re aware of all the recommended screenings, discuss the best choices for you, and be there for anything that comes up in between.

“I combine my conventional (western) medical training, my 28 years of experience in natural medicine, and my gifts as a healer to create a unique wellness experience for you”. ~Jen Owen, N.P.

In one visit, we might…

~Discuss the physiology behind your symptoms,

~Order diagnostic testing to uncover the root of those symptoms, 

~Perform a detailed physical exam,

~Order supplements or a prescription medication,

~Create an herbal blend for daily use,

~Uncover any emotional causes of your symptoms,

~Do some breathing work or a guided meditation. 

And more….

“My patients appreciate my credibility as a Nurse Practitioner
and how I combine that with
ancient healing methods and earth-based medicines.” 

I guide my patients to stop beating themselves up and to get CURIOUS.

I help you ask yourself and your body, ‘why’.

‘Why am I where I am and what shifts can I make to get me where I want to be?’

Those shifts might be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, or even financial.

I’m here to help you sort it all out.


Are you ready to get curious? 

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