Integrative Medicine Clinic

At FLOURISH Integrative Medicine,

we practice true holistic care.

At FLOURISH Integrative Medicine,

we practice true holistic care.

This means, we don’t simply look at physical symptoms. We look at all aspects of life: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and financial.

We work with patients looking for an integrative approach to their general health, those looking to find the true cause of their symptoms, and those who have tried a lot different forms of healing, and nothing seems to help. 


“Jen really listens, something you just don’t find with many health practitioners. It is refreshing to find someone that is willing to find the root cause of symptoms rather than just mask them. I trust her to help my friends and family as much as she helped me.”~Ashley R.

Sometimes the answer is so simple, but it takes a more holistic
approach to see it. Sometimes things are more complicated and
require steadfast attention to turn around the symptoms.

At FLOURISH, we believe that physical
symptoms are often a late manifestation of an issue that started
for reasons that may not seem related.

We are committed to getting to the root of the symptoms, solving them for good, so real healing happens. And, we offer preventative care so symptoms don’t occur in the first place.

We understand that working within the conventional medicine system can be frustrating. You may receive the same diagnosis and treatment plan over and over again, but not experience improvement with your situation. We take your symptoms and concerns seriously, and will partner with you to develop the best plan and course of action for you personally, to resolve your symptoms, and regain your health and wellbeing.

Our appointments are spacious, non-rushed experiences — where we complete a thorough intake process, and will have a detailed discussion about your health, wellbeing and life circumstances.

We encourage and will guide you in using your own intuition, combined with FLOURISH’s specialty testing to diagnose your situation and developing your personalized healing plan.

Treatment modalities include,
but are not limited to:

~Primary Care & Annual Exams
~Herbs and Supplements
~Holistic Pelvic Care™
~Abdominal Massage
~Nutrition and Food Counseling
~Whole Life Coaching

Treatment modalities include, but are not limited to:

• Herbs and Supplements
• Hands-on Healing Techniques
• Nutrition and Food Counseling
• Body Movement Instruction
• Mindset Coaching

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We believe that when patients are empowered, motivated, and inspired as a partner in their healthcare, they are much more likely to have real results, and long-term wellness and the experience of true well-being.

We work with our patients, not on them.

We believe that no one is broken. They are simply doing their best to manage the unique challenges in their lives and the complexity that is our society today.

Our clinic focuses on restorative therapies to
help our patients reclaim themselves.

“No one is broken.

Every patient already has the wisdom and power inside them that they are seeking. They simply need to be reminded it’s there, and supported in releasing old patterns, and guidance with how to tap into that power.

Reconnecting with thier own wisdom and power will lead to vibrancy, health, a deep sense of wellbeing,
and what is most desired in life.” 

Jen Owen, N.P., FLOURISH Integrative Medicine

“Women are not broken. Every woman already has the wisdom and power inside her that she is seeking. She simply needs to be reminded it’s there, and supported in releasing old patterns, and guidance with how to tap into that power. Reconnecting with her wisdom and power, will lead her to vibrancy, health, a deep sense of wellbeing, and what she most desires for her life.” 

—Jen Owen, Founder, FLOURISH Integrative Medicine

“If it wasn’t for Jen, I would be in a world of hurt. She was persistent when the specialist would only give boilerplate answers. I trusted her with my life, and I’m glad I did!”~Michel P.
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