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Welcome to Flourish, a Primary & Specialty Care Integrative Medicine clinic.


We practice by combining the best of conventional (modern) medicine with the best of natural/alternative medicine.

Here are the truths we hold in our empowering patient care:

We treat the WHOLE person.

We provide patient-based care.

We use the least-invasive treatments possible.

We seek the best solution for each individual patient.

We complement our care with alternative therapies.

We use food as medicine.

We support our patients in healing from the inside out.

We empower our patients to take the lead in their own healing.

We see the practitioner role as the guide to our patients’ healing, restoration, and empowerment.

Integrative care means addressing all aspects of life–physical, emotional, spritual, social and financial. When all aspects come into balance, true health and wellness can be realized. 

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2505 SW Spring Garden Street
Suite 200
Portland, OR 97219
*Office is located upstairs.

(503) 432-8050

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