Yoni Steam at Home

Yoni Steam at Home

When I move the FLOURISH clinic to a new office location this spring, I’ll no longer be offering Yoni Steams. My intention when I offered Yoni Steams (also called Vaginal Steams and V-Steams), was to bring awareness to this sacred healing therapy.

If you’ve been wanting to try one in the office, but haven’t been in yet, now’s your chance. Coming in for a steam also helps if you want a 1:1 tutorial on how to steam at home.

I’m offering discounts on first steams and steam with a friend options until I move. Learn more here.

While steaming at an office can provide guidance on herb choices and takes away the time it takes for preparation and clean-up, Yoni Steams are very easy to experience at home. 

In this blog, I’m going to share the simple step-by-step process to perform a steam at home and some basic herbs for a general relaxing steam. 

If you’re having any kind of symptoms, I would advise you to seek counsel on which herbs to use and when to steam. As a general rule, if you have a menstrual cycle, you should steam during ovulation and/or right before your menses and if you don’t have a cycle, you can steam anytime or use the moon cycle for guidance. 

How to prepare a yoni steam:

Step One

Dedicate a bowl that can set inside your toilet. I use stainless steel. You can use any material that won’t be affected by the boiling water.

Use a large enough bowl that it comes about even with the top of the toilet bowl just under the seat level.


step two

Prepare your herbs (see list below for choices).

Place 1-2 Tablespoons of each herb in your steam bowl for about 3/4-1 cup of herbs total.

Place the bowl with herbs directly into your toilet.


step three

Bring at least 2 quarts of water to a roaring boil and pour the water over the herbs.

Put down the toilet seat.


step four

Sit right down on the toilet and wrap yourself in warm blankets.


step five

Relax and let the steam enter your yoni.

Remain in place for 25-30 minutes or until the warmth dissipates.

Common herbs for home steams



Calendula is known to heal tissues and nourish the skin.

Energetically, it’s thought to move stuck emotions and aid in recovery and grief.



Chamomile is known to be very soothing to the vaginal muscles.

It’s great for the emotions and helps reduce irritability, anxiety, and to lessen emotional outbursts.



Lavender is known for it’s support in healing menstrual pain and to maintain a healthy uterus.

It’s very helpful for relaxation and rest.


Red Raspberry Leaf:

Red Raspberry is known in herbalism for it’s ability to help strengthen and tone the uterine muscles.

It’s also thought to nurture and protect the person receiving the steam.



Roses smell divine and encourage love and healing.

Red roses help with romantic, passionate love.

Pink roses help with self-love and self-acceptance.


*There are many other herbs to choose for steaming. This list seems to be the most pleasing and most tolerated choices.



I hope this helps provide a simple guide for Yoni Steams at home. Please let me know what questions you have. If you’d like to take advantage of this last month of steams at FLOURISH, learn more here

What the Heck is Pelvic Care Anyway (Part 2)?

What the Heck is Pelvic Care Anyway (Part 2)?

If you missed “What the Heck is Pelvic Care Anyway (Part 1)” and you’re on Facebook, you can watch it here or you can just read the recap below.

If you already watched the video or know the basics, you can scroll down to Part 2 now!


Part 1 Recap:

Holistic Pelvic Care™ (HPC) was created by physical therapist, Tami Lynn Kent. After she learned the skills to perform pelvic floor therapy, she began noticing that the women she was working with were having emotional responses to the treatment.

After working with hundreds of women, she began to see patterns in the pelvic area. She found that women* were often holding on to emotions, feelings, and memories inside what we call the “pelvic bowl”. By combining the hands-on work to the area with breathwork and visualization, Tami was able to help women clear these “stuck” experiences and make way for more empowerment, self-love, and vitality. And, she teaches other practitioners how to do the same, including me!

There are large muscles inside the pelvis that get little to no attention. We can get “knots” in these muscles just like we get in our shoulders, necks, etc. that are often easily relieved with massage to the pelvic floor just like massage to other parts of the body.

Through the combination of releasing the muscles and using breath and visualization, pelvic symptoms are often greatly relieved. Some of the symptoms helped with HPC include: long, heavy, or painful periods, low libido, fertility issues, menopausal symptoms, and low back and hip pain, just to name a few. HPC is also very helpful after childbirth and for healing from a miscarriage.

If you want to learn more from Tami’s experiences, I highly recommend reading her book, Wild Feminine.


Okay, on to….


Part 2:

I think the most common reaction I get when I tell people about this work is that they think it sounds really weird.

And, then, once people experience it, they actually comment things like, “It was weirdly not weird at all!”

Holistic Pelvic Care™ is truly women’s healthcare.

How did women’s healthcare become all about a pap smear? When we think of women’s health, we immediately picture ourselves with our feet up in stirrups ready to brace ourselves for discomfort. Am I right?

Let’s address this aspect now. HPC is totally different from a pelvic exam. There are no stirrups. You’re lying on a warm table on pretty sheets. I take a look at your “parts” only to see where I’m going so I don’t poke you anywhere you’d rather not get poked. The rest of the treatment is done with me by your side and you are covered with the sheet.

The massage aspect is done with only one finger, so it’s nothing like a speculum used for regular pelvic exams. We are then communicating throughout the entire experience as to your comfort level. The goal is to never cause pain or trauma to your sacred spaces.

Does that help you understand this better?

If you’re having any sort of pelvic area symptom, I strongly urge you to consider coming in for HPC. And, many symptoms will allow for your visit to be covered by insurance.


The Other Benefits of Pelvic Care:

There’s one more very important thing for you to know. This care is NOT just for symptoms.

Even if the body is not giving us a physical signal that there’s something going on (like pain, discomfort, or dysfunction), there is amazing healing that can be experienced with the work.

As part of women’s healthcare, more and more of us are investing in pelvic care for health maintenance, prevention of symptoms, and for personal connection.

I take HPC a step further in what I call Pelvic Bowl Healing.

Pelvic Bowl Healing expands on the energy work portion of HPC and blends my lifetime of healing experiences for women looking for more energy, more vitality, and even more money.

To learn more about this work, click here to the Pelvic Bowl Healing main page.


Featured Podcast:

A few weeks ago, I was featured on the amazing LaToya Zavala’s Podcast, “Freed and Powered Up”. The topic of our discussion was called, “So, What About Sexual Healing”.

If you want to hear some more about this topic, you can listen to it here.


Pelvic Bowl Meditation:

On the Sacred Sundays blog this week, I’ll be sending you a free meditation called, “Pelvic Bowl Meditation for Difficult Times”. This will give you a glimpse into your own pelvic bowl and help you get grounded and clear to handle all that’s going on in the world right now.

If you’re not signed up for this Mind-Body newsletter, you can sign-up here.



I welcome all of your thoughts and questions about this topic. What else do you want to know?

Please comment below and share this article widely, so more of us can know about this important work.

If you’re ready to schedule for Holistic Pelvic Care™, click here for more information.


*Women is used as a general term in this article. Please know that any person with a vagina may benefit from this healing work.


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