What Kind of Mindset Do You Have?

What Kind of Mindset Do You Have?

One of the basics of mindset work is first to understand what kind of mindset you operate under. In her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Carol Dweck, Ph.D. introduces us to the concept of Fixed versus Growth Mindsets.

A Fixed Mindset is when you believe your qualities are carved in stone. You might believe you have a certain amount of intelligence, a certain personality, and a certain character. Those in a Fixed Mindset tend to focus on proving themselves, on proving that what is certain about them is actual.

They are constantly evaluating themselves with questions like, “Will I succeed or fail? Will I look smart or dumb? Will I be accepted or rejected?” Fixed Mindset people tend to play it safe, not taking risks for fear of failure or embarrassment.

On the opposite side, is the Growth Mindset. When you operate under a Growth Mindset, you believe that your basic qualities are the things that you can cultivate through your efforts, your strategies, and from getting help from others. You believe you can change and grow through application and experience. Growth Mindset people are willing to take risks and make mistakes, because they know whatever happens will present them with an opportunity to learn and grow.

They ask very different questions such as, “Why waste time proving over and over how great you are, when you could be getting better? Why hide deficiencies instead of overcoming them? Why seek out the tride and true, instead of experiences that will stretch you?” Growth Mindset people allow for what is possible and know that a person’s true potential is unknown.

So, what type of mindset is the basis for how you operate in the world? Do you believe that you are “just how you are” and that things “are just this way”? Or, do you believe things can be different for you? Do you believe that with the right tools and support, you could change yourself and the course of your life?

If you are open to the possibility of shifting into a Growth Mindset or strengthening your Growth Mindset even further, I invite you to join my free training this coming Sunday, January 19 at 5pm PST/8pm EST. We will go into these concepts even further and talk about other ways your current mindset might be holding you back and what to do about it.

If you haven’t signed up yet for this free online training, click here to register. The event will be recorded, but only those signed up will receive the recording. Space is limited and we’ve already had about ½ of our capacity register, so don’t delay!

If you have already signed up, start thinking about whether you are living in a Fixed or Growth Mindset and some instances on where this choice might be keeping you from living the life you most value and desire.

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