2018: The Year of Intention

2018: The Year of Intention

At the start of the new year, I went for a walk in the woods near my home. I started in as usual on my power walk, but then something inside of my nudged me to slow down. I began intentionally moving my feet one step at a time. All of my senses became heightened and I started listening deeply to the water moving in the creek, the birds chirping around me, and the leaves rustling on the trees. I could smell the pine scent of each tree. At that moment everything sounded and smelled differently than it had before.

What was different about this moment? Was it simply just slowing down to “smell the roses” if you will? No, this was different. It was about the intention. As I slowed down to take each step separately, the world seemed to open itself up to me. It was the intention of moving each step forward one at a time that was doing it. When I walked with intention, good things came to me.

At that moment, I declared 2018 to be my Year of Intention. Since that day, I have been trying to do everything I do with intention, from what I eat and drink to what I work on, to what I choose to do with my time. And, it’s working. Food and drink taste better and feel better in my body. My work flows more freely and creatively. My housework is more fun.

It takes a lot of awareness to do this. It’s not easy. When I forget and clamor through something, it doesn’t feel as good, not as aligned. I am becoming quickly aware of that, too.

What needs more intention in your life? What would it look like to purposely do each step of your day? Give it a try and see what good things will come to you. I would love to hear what happens….

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