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Nurse Practitioner Jen Owen combines conventional medicine with natural medicine for your complete healthcare experience.


You’ve found the solution you’ve been wishing for in Women’s Healthcare:

Informed Choices ~ Empowered Decisions ~ Nourishing Care

Restorative Therapies for Lifestyle Resiliency





Are you looking for a different approach to health & wellness?

Would you like to know all the options for treating what you’re dealing with including those from today’s modern medicine and those from the more “natural” side?

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Do you wish your healthcare provider would listen more closely and trust what you know is true about your own body?

Do you wish you had a trusted partner for your wellness journey?

Are you tired of feeling like a number and wish you felt more respected as an individual?

Are you fed up with being handed prescription drugs for every little thing or being given handfuls of supplements to help you feel better, only to feel the same or worse?

Do you want practical, sustainable solutions that you can actually incorporate into your life for the long haul?

Do you want help finding your way back to your true self? 

Do you know there’s more for you? 

“My nerves felt frayed. I was feeling so much pressure, even the pressure of just being a woman. Jen helped me find my way back to myself”.

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